Building Services

We provide a bespoke approach: consulting, professional services and hands-on support to cover every aspect of utility requirements across design, performance, sustainability, building controls and more.

Our deep knowledge of all aspects of utility architecture together with construction experience means we can offer professional design consulting and building services across a wide range of sectors. From concept designs through utility connections, heating and ventilation, lighting and energy resources to building regulations, commissioning and maintenance, our expert team delivers the information, support and guidance necessary to maximise efficiency and ensure delivery of projects of any size or scope.

Consultus Building Services include:

  • Concept Design
  • Performance Design
  • Full Design
  • Building Control Approvals
  • Tender Management Analysis
  • Onsite Management
  • Commissioning Inspections
  • Operational Maintenance

Proven Expertise

We work in partnership with our clients to develop briefs that provide full potential design solutions. This includes helping to develop the selected systems and providing preliminary plant and riser sizing, for example. Our integrated approach ensures all services are co-ordinated. For instance, in-house mechanical and electrical consultants are available to provide advice and designs at any stage of property development, redevelopment and replacement of services, developing fully tailored solutions to meet the client’s precise design brief. We offer a complete package: from initial site surveys to full project management, helping to ensure client projects are delivered on schedule and to budget.

Concept Design

We can provide detailed concept designs and calculations covering all aspects of new and existing sites, from pipe and ductwork to lighting schemes, using the latest software. We prepare concept design reports complete with supporting CAD drawings, and are experienced in working with third parties such as quantity surveyors to successful shape the foundations of client projects.

Performance Design

Consultus expertise in performance design help to close the gap between design and as-built performance: ensuring client buildings perform as anticipated in terms of business water and business energy efficiency and sustainability.

With previous studies showing that actual energy consumption by buildings can be up to twice as much as predicted in the design stage, we pay close attention to both client requirements and external drivers in the early stages of a project, which might include examining a site’s surroundings and orientation. We then bring together team members who are expert in critical areas – including sustainability, building services, mechanical and electrical engineering, and project management – and deploy dynamic modelling and simulation software to drive accurate and lasting performance gains at the design stage, reducing consumption and improving environmental performance.

Full Design

Our expert team assists with developing client concepts to scheme design stage: for example, working out plant spacing and services distribution in consultation with a client’s design team. We can then provide professional technical support to quantity surveyors involved in the development of the scheme design cost plan, and provide further project support as needed – including preparing a full specification at the tender design stage, including AutoCAD drawings, and conducting a full technical analysis on tender returns from all interested bidders.

We also work alongside client teams to review all contractors’ installation drawings and technical submissions, as well as conducting site inspections to assess the installation of all services and providing reports on all work that has been undertaken. This can include updated schedules to ensure building and fitting work maintains momentum and stays within agreed plans.

Building Control Approvals

Meeting planning and construction standards: our experience means we can offer unrivalled building controls expertise spanning a huge range of industry sectors and building requirements. A fully independent provider and recognised authority on building regulations, our rigorous process to gaining building control approvals includes key issues including thermal calculations, conservation of fuel and power, Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs), sanitation, hot water and water efficiency, acoustics, and more. We liaise with local Building Control departments and Building Control Officers on behalf of our clients, providing updated guidance on Building Regulations and working towards successful sign-off.

Tender Management Analysis

Consultus experts are available to prepare full design specifications, including AutoCAD drawings, from initial design concept stages onwards. Crucially, we have the expertise and experience to conduct full technical management analysis on tender returns provided by all interested contractors.

Onsite Management

The Consultus team can effectively monitor the design and installation of all services on site, so ensuring our clients benefit from the highest quality of work at all times and receive the services they require.

Commissioning Inspections

Buildings should be designed and constructed in such a manner that energy supply systems and building services using power for heating, lighting, ventilation and cooling are commissioned to achieve optimum energy efficiency. Our proven expertise in commissioning means we can help clients to effectively move from a state of static completion to full working order, achieving the levels of energy and water efficiency expected from products and equipment while also enabling safe operations of the installation. Services include detailed inspections to enable testing and commissioning in line with equipment capability, manufacturer instructions and client objectives.

Operational Maintenance

Working with highly qualified engineers, we deliver focused operational maintenance services, including preventative measures, to help clients optimise their building systems, driving down utility consumption and improving sustainability by reducing carbon emissions. We can support a client’s existing operational personnel or provide a fully managed service, putting suitable maintenance regimes in place and ensuring that building systems and design intent continues to be reflected in real-life operations.

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