Bureau Services

Providing clarity and accuracy in billing, consumption and costs: always pay the correct amount for utilities.

We provide a full range of Bureau Services, tailored to a client’s specific requirements. In particular, we are bill validation and query management specialists: checking bills and confirming their accuracy is a time-consuming activity that most organisations don’t have the skills and resources to perform in-house. Over the years, the Consultus team has saved millions of pounds in aggregate for clients by detecting errors in utility bills, querying suppliers, supporting the recovery of funds from suppliers, and providing detailed budget and savings reports. But we go further: our bureau approach aims to support clients across the board, to make measurable efficiency gains within their finance, procurement, estates, energy and building management activities. Services include:

  • Bill Payments
  • Bill Validation
  • Billing Queries
  • Historical Bill Audit
  • Cost/Consumption
  • Budget/Savings Report
  • Tenant Billing
  • Accrual Reporting

We analyse bills against parameters that have been discussed and agreed with a client, checking site and meter data, contract or tariff data, and consumption data. We also provide monthly discrepancy reports, with clients able to access their latest bureau service, bill validation data and reports at any time using their secure myEnergy portal. Our expert team is also available to help resolve queries, liaising directly with suppliers to correct errors and recover overspend quickly and efficiently.

Bill Validation

With billing errors rife, we help clients to avoid unnecessary costs. Our expert Bureau Services team can undertake bill validations retrospectively or prior to payment, giving the peace of mind that clients are paying invoices that have been checked and are correct, and therefore only paying for the business energy and business water it actually uses – and at the rates agreed with suppliers. The Consultus Bureau Services team can identify overcharges resulting from:

  • Incorrect tariff rates
  • Discrepancies between current rates and rates agreed with a supplier
  • Charges made against incorrect meters
  • Incorrect standing charges

A huge number of businesses overpay for their utility supplies every year: supply bills are not always correct and often need checking. Mistakes can arise, for example, through estimated billing and incorrect contract charges – and such errors are often not visible to a casual observer. The reality is that most organisations do not have the time, skills or resources to perform this often complex and time-consuming activity in-house – but we do. Our Bureau Services team can identify inconsistencies in bills, reviewing and recalculating individual elements. The full bill validation audit that we undertake can help to recover costs owed to a client dating back five years – and we can work with suppliers to recover any overspends.

Billing Queries

We undertake timely and targeted billing queries on behalf of clients: few if any other providers have as much expertise and experience in deregulated utility markets as Consultus. Our expert team is available to raise issues relating to bills and invoicing, payments and contracts, analysing current and historical data, liaising directly with suppliers to resolve queries, correct errors and recover overspend quickly and cost-effectively.

Historical Bill Audit

We take an expert forensic approach to analysing previous and current billing patterns, analysing previous bills against various parameters that have been discussed and agreed in advance with a client, as well as checking site and meter data, contract or tariff data, and consumption. By going through historic bills with a fine toothed comb, we can reveal errors and overspend, and enable comparisons against current contracts and spend levels.

Tenant Billing

Our Bureau Services team and systems are available to support tenant billing requirements, whatever they may be. We accurately track consumption, then apportion costs and provide timely billing services to cover metered electricity and water. This approach can be applied for internal billing to discrete cost centres and different departments/subsidiaries, for example, as well as tenants.

Accrual Reporting

Our services can include calculating utility charges, accruals and finance reporting for individual sites, departments and cost centres, using actual data to drive site charges/accruals activity.

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