Risk Management Specialist

Responsible for the delivery of risk management, wholesale market intelligence, and monitoring legislative changes

Risk Management Specialist

Responsible for the delivery in these key areas; risk management of client positions in support of the Manage team (Risk Management Specialist); wholesale market intelligence to enable informed decision-making regarding energy procurement (Wholesale Market Specialist); monitoring and evaluation of legislative changes affecting clients of the Consultus group (Legislation Specialist); and, creation and maintenance of customer mark to market and ad hoc reports (Bureau Services Specialist).

Common Tasks

Development of Specialist Advice/Specialist Service Offers in respect of any of the following:

Risk Management Specialist;

  • Ongoing monitoring of customer procurement positions in line with agreed risk strategies; carrying out trading actions as and when require din response to agreed strategy
  • Analysis of risk management strategies to optimise client options; presentation of different risk management options to clients and recommending the optimum strategy based on customer requirements. Writing agreed strategy into a formal Risk Policy document
  • Regular meetings/ telephone calls with clients to discuss hedged positions, carry out strategy reviews and discuss market developments
  • Development and maintenance of a trade optimisation service, including sleeving of trades

Wholesale Market Specialist;

  • Ongoing monitoring of energy market price developments and the drivers behind the market moves on an international basis. Market drivers include technical fundamental data on gas and power supply and demand on a global basis
  • Development of market update publications to keep customers informed as to market moves
  • Development of a service for additional wholesale commodity markets (such as metals or agricultural markets) to broaden the assistance offered to clients

Legislation Specialist;

  • Ongoing monitoring of legislation affecting customer costs; understanding changes and cost implications for all markets internationally
  • Understanding new opportunities for clients arising from legislation changes
  • Development and maintenance of a suite of publications for keeping customers up to date with changes to the energy industry or broader traded commodities
  • Maintenance of internal systems, keeping them up to date with forecast legislative costs

Measurable KPI’s

  • Ensuring all MI updates are completed accurately by 10:30am each working day. All publications are produced and emailed to clients as per agreed schedule (daily, weekly, monthly, ad hoc)
  • Update of all customer risk position reports by 11:00am, and that any required trades are either actioned or request from customers to trade are sought by 11:30am each working day
  • Ensuring all risk managed customers receive an annual visit to discuss their risk strategy and any follow up documents within 10 working days of the meeting
  • Quarterly update of all pass-through charges in TEBL systems within 10 working days of receipt of information from Cornwall Energy

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