Energy Reduction Programme (ERP)

Consultus can provide a focused service based on the Clients’ objective

The drivers for an ERP can vary from client to client; some wish to just achieve compliance, others wish to go further to improve their carbon footprint or environmental credentials and others just want to focus on improving their bottom line.

Consultus can provide a focused service based on the client’s objective.

Understanding the client’s desire for funding the works is also key; some clients wish to just have the reports and to then to develop the projects and self fund the recommendations, while others want a full turnkey solution which is externally funded. In this case, Consultus has access to funding via its ESCO model.

In all of the cases above, the process starts with an on-site energy survey. Our team of accredited assessors and engineers have the experience and knowledge to understand how energy is used in a variety of buildings and manufacturing processes.


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Our Process

We work in many different types of property, which include; hotels, offices, factories, retail units, warehouses cold stores hospitals, residential, universities, and schools. A survey will start by obtaining the historic performance of the building and obtains/collates some basic facts for the estate in question.

This desktop study provides the assessor with insight into the client activity and the particular property and allows an understanding as to where in the estate to focus attention first and also starts to consider some of the potential techniques and technologies that could be used. Once on-site we would want to meet with the building’s manager to discuss its performance and its challenges. After which we walk the site to assess all aspects; from the back of house plant rooms to the shop floor. We will look at HVAC generation and distribution, on-site processes, the control systems (typically BMS), electrical distribution, metering, lighting, lift systems and on-site generation systems and opportunities. We will also consider water use. The report will document each opportunity and assess its energy-saving potential and typical cost and therefore payback to create an energy ‘shopping list’. From this, projects can be created, priced, funded and implemented.

  • Desktop study
  • On-site energy survey
  • Savings report creation
  • Project implementation strategy
  • Source funding
  • Manage delivery
  • Operations reporting

ESCO Funding

For clients that want to take advantage of a turnkey solution, Consultus can provide access to funding for such projects. In this case, Consultus takes responsibility for the funding and the delivery of the projects and for the ongoing energy operations of the building for a period of time (this is typically 7 years). Building performance criteria are established, an energy benchmark is agreed and the energy savings below this benchmark are then apportioned to the Client, Consultus and the funder. After the initial term, the full benefit is then the Clients.


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