Energy Insight 2018 – Week 22

Your regular snapshot of the wholesale energy markets

At the beginning of last week, bullish momentum was maintained by gains on Brent crude oil and continuing outages. Despite an oversupplied system on Monday, revisions on upstream outages meant the Day-ahead price surged to an intra-day high of 57.15p/th. The wider energy complex continued to fluctuate throughout the whole of last week with Brent crude oil futures dealing within a tight range around $78.50/bbl.

Rotterdam Coal was traded at around $88.10/tonne and the benchmark Dec-18 EU Carbon allowance contract was dealt at around €15.72/tCO2. Gassco stated on Wednesday morning that the shutdown of the Vesterled pipeline will coincide with the one-day shutdown of the Langeled pipeline and the Kollnses processing plant, which left shippers without over 100mcm/day…




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