Energy Insight 2018 - Week 28

Your regular snapshot of the wholesale energy markets.

Strong demand and strength in the wider energy market pushed British NBP natural gas prices and UK wholesale power market prices upwards. Rotterdam coal futures traded at around $90.00/tonne at the start of this week and maintained this strength throughout the rest of the week, eventually closing at around $91.00/tonne, representing nearly a $5.00/tonne increase in the last two weeks.

Warmer weather and the return of the Interconnector pipeline added additional buying pressure and also contributed to supporting the curve.

Although coal and oil futures were definitely playing their role last week, injection related buying is continuing to provide upside in the market. The bullish fuels complex continued to drag the market up throughout the week until Friday, were NBP and UK wholesale power market prices were dragged down due to weakness on the Brent crude oil market, although strong European coal prices provided some support…



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