Paris Climate Deal Comes into Force

The Paris agreement on climate change has now come into effect. In December 2015, governments agreed to keep global temperature rise to degrees Celsius above those before the industrial revolution, with a target of 1.5 degree rise.

The Eiffel Tower in Paris lit up green on Friday in recognition of the Paris climate change deal coming into force, with delegates representing nearly 200 countries meeting in Marrakech today to discuss methods of moving forwards and the creation of a rulebook to measure and review global climate action at the conference named COP22. A key part of the Paris agreement in 2015 commits governments to begin moving their economies away from fossil fuel usage, with the agreement seen as the first tying both rich and poor nations together with the common goal of protecting the climate.

Last Thursday, a United Nations review of national pledges to cut carbon identified that government efforts would fall short of the levels required to keep the global temperature rise underneath 2 degrees. The report showed that if governments acted in line with pledges the world would experience a temperature increase of between 2.9°C and 3.4°C by the end of this century.

The process of the Paris deal is a binding commitment for governments to repeat addressing the climate issue and to increase clean energy targets which were agreed to be inadequate. Other measures agreed were progress reviews every five years, a finance budget of $100bn per year for developing countries by 2020 and to achieve a balance of greenhouse gas emissions in the second half of this century.

Source: BBC

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