Building Services & Sustainability

We are experts in building services, helping our clients to design and fit out well-constructed, comfortable and sustainable environments. We help to ensure long-lasting gains across a building’s lifecycle.

We are experts in building services, helping our clients to design and fit out well-constructed, comfortable and sustainable environments. We help to ensure long-lasting gains across a building’s lifecycle.

We offer varying design approaches to meet any project and client requirement, including design and build and expert detailed design services.

Ensuring designs meet Building Regulations is the start. We can help to ensure your developments exceed end user expectations, designing in energy efficiency to ensure buildings are sustainable and efficient from day one.

Uniquely, we can also draw on the resources and expertise of our sister companies in The Consultus International Group. No other design consultancy can look at the real-life usage of similar buildings when developing designs. Every day, Consultus companies are helping organisations to reduce costs, optimise operations, comply with legislation and work more profitably.

Who we work for

We work UK-wide with landowners, builders, developers, construction companies, major manufacturers, building owners, facilities teams and contractors. Combining a background in construction, utilities and sustainability with experience across the spectrum of residential, commercial and mixed use projects, including refits and refurbishment, our people speak the same language as stakeholders and design teams.

Our experience enables our team to design for projects in all sectors, including manufacturing, retail, healthcare, education, government, transport, leisure and hospitality.

A complete service

Our expertise means we can support building and development projects from the earliest pre-planning, concept and design stages. You can achieve new value and support the smooth running of projects by writing your high-standard design details into the specifications given to builders and contractors. Indeed, we can help you to embed best practice in building design and flexible sustainability strategy at the heart of your development, benefiting all stakeholders.

Why Consultus?

  • Proven experts in building design, sustainable design, mechanical and electrical design
  • Helping you to shape the right building design strategies and policies, including links to the wider built environment
  • Advising your team on designing and delivering comfortable fit-for-purpose environments.
  • Cost efficient designs that benefit a building and its owners/occupants throughout its lifecycle
  • Meeting all necessary building and energy regulation
  • Applying the latest technologies and thinking to minimise carbon emissions and address environmental legislation
  • Ensuring your buildings comply with Building Regulations, local requirements such as the London Plan and sustainability standards including BREEAM

Working with the Consultus building services team provides you with benefits in many different areas.

We can help you to:

  • Design and operate more cost-efficient and sustainable systems and buildings
  • Deliver more comfortable fit-for-purpose environments for people to live and work
  • Maintain the highest design standards and comply with all necessary regulations and legislation
  • Design more sustainable systems and buildings by applying innovative technology: reduce operating costs and carbon emissions
  • Deliver more efficient systems to minimize current and future energy demand
  • Highlight areas of the architects’ layout that need to be revised to accommodate services
  • Design and install more easily maintained systems to maximise lifespans up to 20-30 years
  • Meet and exceed client expectations, ensure high quality installations
  • Maximize usable floor areas and ceiling heights
  • Have a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of occupants

We can ensure that best practice in building design and sustainability can play a central role in contributing to the success of your development.

This can extend from overarching strategies and standards to the weights, sizes and location of major plant and equipment, the position of vertical service risers, and routes for the distribution of horizontal services.



We offer the A-Z of building design, sustainability, mechanical, electrical and public health services. Our expertise and experience means the Consultus team can support any development, in any location, for any sector.

End-to-end building design services include:

  • Feasibility Reports, Condition Surveys, RIBA Stage Reports
  • Peer reviews: high level reviews of current designs
  • Incoming electrical, gas, water, landlords’ telecommunications
  • Initial utility services load/demand assessments using historic data
  • Heating and cooling loads – modelling using building and energy modelling software
  • Low temperature hot water (heating) systems
  • Chilled water/air conditioning and refrigeration systems
  • Domestic hot and cold water services
  • Above Ground drainage services
  • Natural and mechanical ventilation
  • Calculations to show compliance with BCO, BS EN and Building Regulations
  • Acoustical treatment of plant as specified by acoustic consultants
  • Vibration control of plant as specified by acoustic consultants
  • Metering/sub-metering strategies
  • Natural and/or mechanical smoke extract ventilation systems
  • Provision and distribution of space for commercial tenants’ plant
  • Rainwater harvesting systems
  • Gas installations
  • Package plant rooms and plant solutions
  • Sub Main Distribution and LV Switchgear
  • Lighting installations including distribution and supplies to satisfy specialist requirements
  • Small Power Installations including distribution and supplies to satisfy specialist requirements
  • Fire engineering services and fire design solutions comprising alarms and public address voice alarm systems
  • Emergency lighting
  • Plant replacement strategy

Sustainability services: 

  • Energy and sustainability strategies
  • Embedding sustainability in building specifications and ongoing policies
  • SBEM Assessments, Part L Compliance, EPCs – modelling using building and energy modelling software
  • DSM Assessments for more complex buildings
  • Standard Assessment Procedures (SAPs) and Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs)
  • Display Energy Certificates (DECs)
  • TM52, TM59 & BB101 Overheating Compliance Reports
  • Daylighting Reports
  • BREEAM and Home Quality Mark (HQM) assessments


Performance design and specification services for:

  • Controls and building management system (BMS) installations
  • Combined heat and power (CHP) and trigeneration systems
  • Telecommunications and IT infrastructure to serve landlord requirements
  • Lighting control systems
  • Telephone installations
  • Treatment and filtration systems
  • Photovoltaic (PV) and solar heating panels installations
  • Air and ground source heat pumps and other renewable technologies
  • Landlord security systems including CCTV, AV, door alarm and access control systems
  • Staircase pressurisation systems
  • Lightning protection services
  • Life safety standby generation systems


We work in whichever ways our clients need: design and build, or detailed design. The approach taken can depend on the type of development project and what a client needs, with each one having advantages and disadvantages.

However, experience has shown that the earlier a building services consultant is engaged in the design stage, the more value can be gained: from securing a more accurate tender cost for a project, as this reduces uncertainty in design and removes opportunities for a contractor to charge for variations and additional costs, while ensuring high design standards and embedding them in technical specifications to deliver the best outcomes.

With extensive experience in sectors including commercial (CAT-A and CAT-B), hotels, residential, retail, educational and healthcare including care homes, the Consultus team has notable expertise across all stages:

  • RIBA Stage 1: Preparation and Brief – Feasibility Studies
  • RIBA Stage 2: Concept Design
  • RIBA Stage 3: Developed Design
  • RIBA Stage 4: Technical Design
  • RIBA Stage 5: Tender Phase
  • RIBA Stage 5 and 6: Construction, Handover and Close Out
  • RIBA Stage 5 and 6: Compliance Monitoring Services

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