Business Water

Helping clients reduce costs and optimise clean and waster water services: consolidate multiple confusing services into a single high-performance solution, saving time, money and resources.

Save money on your clean water and waste water services

We will consolidate multiple services from different water suppliers into a single high-performance service, saving money, time and resources. A trusted provider of utility buying and demand reduction services – and 100% independent of water suppliers – we can ensure you make savings when all clean water and wastewater services become tenderable. We always go out to the whole market – and we set the benchmark in pricing performance.

Water tendering made easy

    • Bespoke services, tailored to your needs
    • Hands-on Account Management: single point of contact and accountability
    • Client-focused relationships based on transparency and trust
    • Historical audits and up-to-the-minute reviews of your portfolio
    • Check and validate supplier invoices, quickly and accurately
    • Assess and verify suppliers: all UK providers covered
    • Market-leading contract tendering and negotiation skills
    • Reducing water demand through Demand Side Optimisation
    • Metering services focused on usage, anomalies and balancing supply with demand

Moving forward with your business – additional services can include New Technology Assessment & Deployment, Cost Management, Contract Optimisation, Project Management and Financing Solutions.

Helping you profit from changes in the UK water industry

The UK water market is now fully deregulated. Right now, a 20-site business may receive 200+ water bills each year from different suppliers – and that’s before you add waste water, highways drainage and other activity. There are often serious questions around consumption, charges, billing accuracy, cost per invoice and more… But the market is set to change.

Today, all businesses in Scotland can already switch clean water and wastewater supplier, including trade effluent. We have been working with clients in Scotland for some time. The

English market has followed suit and as of 1st April 2017 is now officially open for business. All non-household sites can switch their waste water supplier regardless of consumption. Sites based in Wales are still bound by a threshold of 50MI (50,000 m3) per annum.

How it is today

All businesses in Scotland can already switch clean water and waste water supplier, including trade effluent.

From 1st April 2017 the English water market has followed suit and is now fully open for competition. All non-household sites can switch their supplier regardless of consumption.

Welsh water is still bound by a threshold of 50MI (500,000 m3).

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