ESOS Lead Assessor

The company representative for matters of energy sustainability

ESOS Lead Assessor

Role Overview

The ideal candidate must be able to prove that they are a registered ESOS Lead Assessor who is experienced at energy audits and energy report writing, with a particular focus on office, retail, hospitality and light industrial sectors. As a Lead Assessor, the successful candidate will have responsibility for working with internal and external stakeholders to develop and implement ESOS compliance processes in a professional and efficient manner. As the company representative for matters of energy sustainability, the successful candidate will be capable of entering into discussions with senior client representatives regarding energy management opportunities, systems, policies and processes. The candidate will be able to discuss technical, financial and sustainable energy management considerations. Developing interest and exploring opportunities for further business co-operation. Whilst this is the primary role for the candidate, additional skills will focus on the ability to provide internal consultancy regarding matters of building and property sustainability, with a particular focus on Building Regulations Part L compliance, planning policy, government policy and the need to shift to a low energy-low carbon future.

The candidate will:

  • Demonstrate a minimum of two years of energy management and energy auditing experience
  • Meet the requirement of PAS 51215:2014 Energy efficiency assessment – Competence of a lead energy assessor – Specification
  • Have broad knowledge regarding energy audit standards e.g. BS EN 16247
  • Have experience of assessing the condition and efficiency of building services
  • Show experience in developing energy performance indicators and relevant benchmarks for a variety of property types
  • Have proven experience in building metering, building control practices and energy management
  • Demonstrably familiarity with building fabric efficiency
  • Be a member of a Lead Assessor Accreditation body e.g. CIBSE, EI, IEMA
  • Hold evidence of capability of developing an energy audit schedule for a portfolio of sites
  • Demonstrate the ability to plan an energy audit for a wide range of sites
  • Have the ability to carry out energy audits in a professional manner, liaising with site staff, examining energy data, identifying areas of significant energy consumption and identifying energy saving opportunities
  • Have experience of producing high quality written energy audit reports, extrapolation of energy savings and compliance summary reports
  • Have proven experience in developing Life Cycle Cost Analysis for energy saving opportunities, including net present value assessments
  • Demonstrate the ability to present energy audit findings to senior management, encompassing both broad strategic actions and detailed technical matters

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