Head of Global Risk Management & Procurement

Head of Global Risk Management & Procurement

The Head of Global Risk Management & Procurement ensures that the Risk Management and Procurement (Fixed and Flexible) teams offer full support to the business in delivery of:  supply contract analysis, negotiation and renewals for the UK market, as well as wholesale market analysis, pricing information, validation, reporting, forecasting, technical expertise and procurement strategy support in the UK and in Europe. To ensure the efficient, accurate and professional delivery of Consultus’ Risk Management offering, and to manage the individuals within the Risk Team.

Common Tasks

  • Oversee the management of the Risk Management and Procurement teams and the functions that they undertake, taking into consideration quality of work, workloads, performance, development and recruitment; ensure that management is effective in ensuring that all tasks are carried out in line with company SLAs and to a professional standard
  • Lead the Performance Management of the Risk Management & Procurement teams to deliver according to Consultus’ company values. Ensure consistency of approach to Performance Management and team developments
  • Development of commercial propositions to bring additional income to Consultus through the services provided by the teams. Ensure Consultus services remain class-leading in the TPI sector through benchmarking versus competitor offers
  • Development and maintenance of team targets for reporting into the Chief Operations Officer and Board of Directors. Communication of team developments to the wider business including other operations teams and the Executive Committee
  • Support Risk Management team members regarding:
    • Core market drivers for MI production and “quality control” on designated publications as required
    • Strategic discussions on market direction supported by fundamental and statistical analysis
    • Development of a Trade Optimisation service, based on price negotiation, to deliver further value to Risk Managed clients
    • Continuous development of new risk management and market intelligence products, pricing information, forecasting and strategy
  • Support Procurement Team members regarding:
    • Development of supplier relationships to ensure the Consultus Procurement service continues to offer leading solutions for clients. Develop and deliver commercial propositions based on supplier relationships
    • Creating and delivering service efficiencies to ensure that company SLAs are achieved on a consistent basis
    • Developing alternative procurement solutions & processes (such as consortia) to ease contract renewals and to enhance client retention rates alongside the Consultants
  • Ensure that relevant team members & consultants are able to talk confidently and with authority on the suite of Risk Management techniques that Consultus offers. Provide guidance and assistance both internally and externally on the most appropriate solution given a client’s risk appetite. Risk management to include pricing & volume associated risks
  • Ensuring that information used by all teams, including billing rates / DUoS rates / TUoS rates and all other variance associate to a fixed / flexible contract term are correct & communicated around the business effectively in a standardised format
  • Development and management of formal Risk Policy Control documents with a rolling multi year term; development and delivery of Risk workshops; preparation of client presentations on Consultus’ Risk Team Offering; preparation of internal presentations on Consultus’ Risk Team Offering; development of presentation for team market briefings within agreed timescales

Measurable KPI’s

  • Deliver efficiencies in timescales for Risk Management Team duties, including data updates, reporting updates and trading processes
  • Production of monthly portfolio review of customer risk managed positions relative to the market
  • Customer positions on Consultus “fully managed” strategies to be benchmarked against “good value”; performance reports to be produced monthly
  • Annual risk strategy workshop to seek improvements in risk processes and strategies. Analysis of data surrounding Consultus publications to improve readership/ customer engagement
  • Show efficiencies in the Procurement Teams through reporting of contract renewal timescales, success criteria and in terms of cost to serve
  • Timely delivery of all Performance Management reviews, bonus setting forms and other Management duties in line with company HR policies


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