Energy Resilience

Alternative Energy Generation and the private wire revolution: protect your operations from electricity market volatility and rising prices

Combining world-class design and installation with prime generating equipment alongside unique trading and energy optimisation services, Consultus offers a complete cradle-to-grave solution for the private wire revolution. Helping organisations achieve long-term protection from market volatility and avoid uncontrollable third-party price rises: technically led value engineering that works.

  • Your own localised electricity grid
  • Reduce electricity spend by 25%
  • Save money and assure supply for 15 years
  • Lower embodied carbon

A unique solution for local grid and energy resilience This is a unique offer from a world-class provider: your own fully independant electricity generating plant and local grid, delivered by industry professionals with an outstanding track record. The Consultus team has unparalleled skills and expertise in designing, installing and maintaining high voltage/low voltage power generation packages, including highly experienced multi-disciplinary engineers who deliver technically-led value engineering to ensure project success


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What is EnergyResilience?

Take control of electricity and costs: reliable alternative power solutions from Consultus deliver cost savings, budget certainty and energy security through innovation. Consultus’ expertise and proven technology means clients can take their business off-grid. Designing and installing unique assets and bespoke infrastructure, our people bring turnkey power purchase agreement (PPA) generating to a client’s door.

  • Consultus funds, supplies and maintains all plant and equipment: gas-powered turbines, your local infrastructure
  • Clients then generate and use clean electricity to power their business, where and when they need it
  • This represents the fastest and most effective route to lower embodied carbon and sustained cost savings over 15 years


Private Wire: How do you benefit?

Energy prices have increased almost 25% in the last year, with the majority coming from uncontrollable non-commodity (third party) charges. Combine this with a volatile market and prices are set to increase by a further 40% within the next five years. EnergyResilience means organisations can avoid all that.

  • EnergyResilience brings guaranteed cost reductions of up to 25% in electricity spend from the moment an organisation starts generating with its own private, localised grid.

Consultus can guarantee a fixed or indexed discount rate for anything from one year to the full 15-year lifespan of the generating plant – substantially below what organisations currently pay.

Do I need to invest in equipment and cover other capital costs?

No. We explore your energy requirements, site set-up and other issues in detail then following agreement we plan, fund, acquire, install, commission, operate and maintain local generating plant on your behalf. You benefit from the lower cost energy being generated, with no upfront investment required.

What happens if the generating plant breaks down?

This is extremely unlikely: we use only tried-and-tested equipment backed by a programme of ongoing preventative maintenance. Plants are built with redundancy so any single generator failure will not affect you. But it makes sense to plan for all contingencies. In the unlikely event of a total loss of plant power, an auto changeover switch instantly moves you back onto grid. With this uninterrupted power supply, you would experience no downtime.

What happens if gas prices go up?

The main benefit of EnergyResilience is to provide a ‘layer of insulation’ between your operations and market volatility. Part of our job is to manage the gas price – and we have decades of experience in outperforming energy markets. Commercial models are available for fixed rates for longer periods, indexed trackers and periodic price reviews. All will be at RPI or below inflation.

What happens if we don’t need all the energy being produced?

This is not a problem or concern for you. The main objective is to ensure you have all of the clean electricity you need, when you need it, and at lower cost. Any additional energy produced is trickled back onto the grid as oversupply, so will not affect you or be charged to you.

What happens if we move from a site where generating plant is located?

All units can be disconnected and moved to another site if required.

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