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CCC criticises government over lack of progress


In its Reducing UK emissions – 2019 Progress Report to Parliament, published on 10 July, the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) criticised the government for a lack of action to cut emissions, concluding that more must be done to meet the 2050 net zero target.

The CCC criticised various departments for insufficient progress. In its 2018 Progress Report, the CCC set out 25 milestones which should have been achieved. In the 2019 edition, it reported that just one of the milestones has been achieved and 10 of them have not shown any progress at all.

Progress to reduce emissions, the CCC said, is “generally off track,” with only seven of the 24 indicators on track in 2018 and only two outside of the power and industry sectors. The sectors that the CCC assessed as being most behind are transport, buildings, agriculture, and land use. Reductions in carbon emissions of new vehicles, the CCC assessed, have also fallen short, resulting in transport becoming the highest emitting sector. In buildings, the rate of deployment of energy efficiency measures is less than 20% of the CCC’s indicators, which it blamed on policy changes in 2012. The deployment of non-bioenergy low-carbon heat also “remains weak.”

The CCC praised the progress made in the power sector, which it concluded has been driven by strong policy, “driving down costs” and “pushing coal to the margins of the electricity system” through carbon pricing. Progress to reduce emissions in industry was also praised.

The CCC also criticised BEIS for the lack of progress on carbon capture and storage, where there are now 43 worldwide projects in development, but none are in the UK, and stressed the need for route to market for solar PV and onshore wind….read more


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