Consultus Energy Outlook - September 2019

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 MPs: 2050 net zero target undeliverable with current policies


A power outage affecting much of England and Wales occurred at around 16:54 BST on 9 August.

The Commons Science and Technology Committee published the findings from its Technologies for meeting the UK’s emissions reduction targets inquiry on 22 August and urged the government to implement a variety of policies to achieve net zero.

Now the largest-emitting sector, transport was identified by the committee as a crucial area for the government to take action in. The committee recommended bringing forward the ban on internal combustion engine (ICE) cars and vans to at least 2035, rather than the current 2040 target.

It also recommended the ban to extend its remit to cover hybrids. On 6 September, Committee Chair Norman Lamb issued a statement on the decarbonisation of transport, saying he believed the government should be using vehicle excise duty to encourage the purchase of lower-emitting models.

MPs called for strong policy support for onshore wind and large-scale solar, with a recommendation the government should conduct a review of the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) by the end of 2020 and should be prepared to introduce a minimum price floor if evidence of a lack of market competition emerges. The SEG is the replacement for the Feed-in Tariffs, which was a scheme which paid businesses and homes with small-scale generation such as solar panels to export their energy to the grid.

The committee also concluded that the UK energy system needs to embrace flexibility, with the committee calling on the government to ensure sufficient support for the deployment of energy storage technologies. Flexibility enables businesses to access cheaper energy at certain times or sell their own on-site generated and stored energy to the grid to help system balancing….read more


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