Energy Insight 2020 – Week 3

Your regular snapshot of the wholesale energy markets.

Normal sentiment resumed last week as contracts across both the NBP natural gas and UK wholesale power market fell strongly, amidst strong gas supply, weaker demand and a strong sell-off in Brent crude oil. For the most part of last week, the system was somewhat flooded with supply as temperatures remained around 3-5⁰C above average, whilst strong winds ensured low CCGT usage and coal burn. Following a slight easing of tensions between the USA and Iran, Brent crude oil prices lost the premium loaded into contracts the week before due to the killing of Quassem Soleimani, even though markets remained somewhat cautious of a further worsening of tensions after Donald Trump announced that he would be imposed heavy financial sanctions on the Middle Eastern country…read more


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Gas & Power Market 2020 - Week 3


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