Our Values

Clients choose work with Consultus and stay with the company based on our business culture and our values: we have a 90% client retention rate.

A defined set of values is a good way to assess and interrogate an organisation’s business culture, practices, operating model and employee behaviours. Our Values are simple and clear.

  • Distinctive – We are flexible in our approach to achieve the optimum solution, focusing on both well known solutions and thinking out of the box
  • Working TogetherWe share the same goals, we support and encourage each other to achieve a shared goal
  • Integrity – We always act with honesty, fairness and accountability, whilst doing the right thing for the right reasons
  • Continual DevelopmentWe believe in moving forward, improving our people and services to stay one step ahead
  • ExcellenceWe use our expert knowledge to deliver the highest quality value possible, through simple, easy and relevant solutions
  • Delight – We aim to exceed expectations using our can do approach and technical know how

Business culture

Our culture and approach is summarised as:

Consultus is an international group focused on world-class consulting, buying and management services for Business Energy and Business Water in national utility markets and cross-border. With an open and transparent business style, our holistic approach extends from advice, negotiation and procurement to market intelligence, compliance and ongoing management.

Underpinned by our values, our business culture has five main dimensions:

  • People – encouraging and developing our team to be as innovative, client-focused, honest and enthusiastic as they should be, showing positive and proactive attitudes
  • Product – designing and delivering bespoke high-quality solutions for clients that meet their precise needs
  • Partners – encouraging strong positive relationships with clients, suppliers and industry partners, and operating with integrity at all times in an unbiased, transparent and responsible way
  • Planet – running our business in an environmentally conscious and sustainable way, in line with best practice and the latest thinking
  • Profit – operating our business and engaging with clients and suppliers in consistently ethical, open and transparent ways, to deliver a sustainable profit, enable investment and support business growth

Living our values

Our people live our values and aim to communicate them to clients through every interaction, with key contact points including Consultants, Sales Support, Mobilisation and Account Management. Client relationships are underpinned by a single point of contact and accountability for all dealings. For utility suppliers and other partners, many of whom have worked with our people for more than 25 years, the consistency of our approach and application of our values helps to ensure a solid understanding of the principles by which we operate. Suppliers know that we do not engage with any other supplier on a preferential basis, nor engage in confidentiality arrangements.