Siteworks & New Connections

We are the experts in utility siteworks, new connections and metering, helping our clients save money and keep projects on track. We help you to reduce risk and gain measurable new value.

We are the experts in utility siteworks, new connections and metering, helping our clients save money and keep projects on track. We help you to reduce risk and gain measurable new value.

Our people take the pain away from a complex, time-consuming and admin-heavy process that is otherwise a huge burden on your resources: co-ordination is the key. We design the best-fit solution for your project, location and programme of works then co-ordinate and manage everything on your behalf.

This means taking care of all applications, dealing with infrastructure providers, managing installations, performing onsite checks and handling validation. Working with a vast network of energy and utility specialists means we contact and work with the right people at the right time through to final client handover, saving you man-hours, keeping costs controlled and helping to ensure you hit your deadlines.

We work UK-wide with landowners, builders, developers, construction companies, facilities managers and contractors. Our expertise enables us to advise on multi-utility connections for development projects in all sectors, including manufacturing, retail, healthcare, education, government, transport, leisure and hospitality.

Combining a background in utilities with experience across the spectrum of residential, commercial and mixed use projects, including refits and refurbishment, we speak the same language as site managers, project managers, construction cost managers, quantity surveyors, architects and consultants.

We’ve also worked with many of our clients for 15 years or more. They recommend us and return to us time and time again.

“Consultus provides us with real value for money. In terms of the effort involved in sorting out utility connections, saving a great deal time and hassle.” – Kind & Co (Builders) Ltd

Covering electricity, gas, water, telecoms, sewerage and other utilities and services, we handle all aspects of connection, relocation and disconnection for all types of industrial, commercial and residential settings. We can also advise and support projects from the earliest planning and concept stages, providing the smartest ways to deliver the connections you need, when you need them.

We are also highly experienced problem solvers: if a problem has existed on a site, we will have dealt with it, time and time again. We can get involved in a construction project or development at any stage, assessing the situation and resolving issues quickly and cost-effectively

Why Consultus?

  • 100% independent of utilities and networks
  • Proven skills in project management and technical co-ordination
  • Cost savings: helping you to identify the best infrastructure providers
  • Removing a huge resource burden: you are accessing a vast network of experts
  • More than 15 years’ experience working closely with utilities and networks
  • Dedicated point of contact: we are here when you need us
  • End-to-end coverage: from feasibility studies through to moving in

Utilities co-ordination by Consultus:

  • Delivers cost savings: up to 40% on your connection costs
  • Provides a best fit solution: provider quotations typically vary in design and cost, with a cost variance of up to 70%
  • Avoids unnecessary delays to your project
  • Ensures projects are professionally managed and co-ordinated through all stages required
  • Delivers preferential rates for metering: we connect more than 3,000 meters each year
  • Provides peace of mind through a single point-of-contact for complete liaison services with utility providers supported by a responsive client-focused Query Management system.

We can help you save time and money on your next development. From arranging temporary supplies to final connection and handover, the Consultus connections team can manage the entire process on your behalf.

You have single point of contact and control for:

  • Feasibility studies: identify existing network capacity and delivery lead times
  • Provision of Budget costings
  • Energy strategies
  • Building Network Operator (BNO) design
  • Identifying potential risks and off-site network reinforcement works
  • Asset plans showing as laid existing utilities
  • Identifying and advising on point of connection
  • Design stage calculation of flow rates, cable/pipe sizing and capacities
  • Applications and co-ordination for all project stages
  • Tendering and negotiation of proposals
  • Site temporary supplies
  • Supply upgrades, downgrade and relocations
  • Management of utility diversions/crossovers and substation/transformer upgrades
  • Disconnections: supply and metering
  • Metering and associated supply contracts tender and negotiations

All services can be complemented by any aspect of our Building Services and Sustainability packages so all design and compliance (Part L) requirements are all managed in a cost-effective way under the same roof.

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